Aces High Music Festival Brings Wayward Parade Artists to the Stage

John Wylie, the local hardcore musician and established entrepreneur, gives corporate synergy a good name next Saturday. One of his current influential record labels, Wayward Parade (the other is Eulogy Records), and his tattoo shops, Aces High, present the now-annual Aces High Music Festival.

It features nine bands on two stages with something for every circus punk, night owl, and country bumpkin. Headlined by Everymen with its crustabilly punk rock and the Darling Sweets dirt floor Gypsy Americana, even New Times has a semistake in the eclectic lineup. Frequent contributor to the paper and resident provocateur David Von Bader is playing guitar at the fest for outlaw country act Los Bastardos Magnificos.

Von Bader, who goes to more concerts than anyone you know, swears on the bona fides of the Aces High Music Festival. "Even if I wasn't playing in it, this is a show I would go to. Wylie's shows are always a blast. Fans are really appreciative. Most of the people go with the intention to dance, and those in the crowd that don't get dragged along with them."

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Los Bastardos Magnificos, a six-piece band based out of Miami, features retro instrumentation, including an upright bass and fiddle. Band members bonded over a shared love of early country great Hank Williams but have morphed into an act that plays a more rough-and-tumble '70s cocaine country sound. "Our singer has a gruff voice reminiscent of Waylon Jennings or Tom Waits." says Von Bader. "Like the other bands on the bill, we're high-energy, so it will appeal to the punk rock crowd."

Future Los Bastardos Magnificos plans include a new release it hopes to record in a Nashville studio before this summer and a showcase at Winston-Salem's Heavy Rebel Weekender Festival. But first comes this show at Respectable Street, where they hope to live up to the high standards set by the festival and the audience.

Aces High Music Festival. With Everymen, the Darling Sweets, Los Bastardos Magnificos, and others. 8 p.m. Saturday, April 5, at Respectable Street, 518 Clematis St., West Palm Beach. Tickets cost $10, and it's for those 18 and older. Visit

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