Acid Girls, Tamara Sky at White Room Saturday

Political prisoner: Tamara Sky
​Mark your calendars, kids. Saturday is a national holiday. Why? It's the day that this earth was blessed with the lovely Tamara Sky.

We plan to celebrate this momentous occasion by stopping by Saturday's Arcade party at White Room, where Alanta's Sloppy Seconds will once again take over the venue. This time it's Los Angeles DJ duo Acid Girls along with Sky who will command the decks.

Acid Girls are reason enough to attend, but Sky says the event is military themed and she'll be dressed at a "Domi-Nazi." Don't have to tell us twice.

Tickets are on sale via for $10, with the action scheduled to happen this Saturday.

Just so you know what you're in store for, check out Acid Girl's Marie Antoinette-inspired video for "Lightworks" after the jump.


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