Action Bronson Got "Bored" at Mad Decent Block Party Tour Kickoff (Photos)

The most interesting person in hip-hop at the moment -- and yes, we're allowed to make this claim -- is probably Action Bronson. The plus-sized ginger not only got locked in a Porta Potty while taking a piss (or dump?) mid-set recently, he also has his own Vice foodie webseries called Fuck, That's Delicious.

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His shows are fun too. The last time he was in Fort Lauderdale, he smoked a blunt onstage and fucking judo chopped a fan. And though he didn't head into the crowd that night, he's well-known for getting in there amongst his fans.

So it wasn't weird that he got off the stage and into the audience of ravers and wannabes during the Mad Decent Block Party tour kickoff this past Saturday outside Revolution Live. What is a little odd is that he went in there cause he straight up said he was bored. The place was a sea of sweaty flesh, and Bronson wasn't entertained?

Bronson hit the stage after Riff Raff. But the bulky rapper left halfway through his own performance, made his way through the crowd, and came back with a huge, heavy Mad Decent sign. Next, according to our source, he tossed it into the crowd, saying, "Cut the music. I'm not having fun." He then brought Riff Raff back up where the notoriously tacky rapper did a little impromptu freestyling.

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Bronson's got a lot of attitude, but really? How was the show was that lame? Well, it was hot as balls, early in the day, and people were waiting on Diplo and Dillon Francis. As proof, it seems not one attendee uploaded any videos of Bronson to the web except for this one shot by YouTube user PuffnDabs. In it, he covers Tracy Chapman's "Give Me One Reason." After offering some original material at first to get the crowd clapping, he simply sings the chorus after seeing them lazily give up after about two seconds.

That's harsh, Fort Laudy. You should've given that man some love. You're making the rest of us who can't handle a 12-hour, all day festival in the 95 degree heat look bad. So start clapping.

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