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Action Bronson - Green Room, Fort Lauderdale - June 27

Slide show of Action Bronson at Green Room.
Robb Bank$ was named Best Hip-hip Artist by New Times Broward Palm Beach 2012.

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Action Bronson
Featuring Robb Bank$ and MeRcy
Green Room, Fort Lauderdale
Wednesday, June 27

Better than: Any action in the kitchen.

"Alright, time for a rap show," Action Bronson shouted.

With a bottle of Hennesy in hand, the Albanian-Jewish rapper passed out several plastic cups to those in the front. He poured what remained in the bottle into each of them. When there was none left, Bronson signaled a woman upstairs in VIP to toss down an unfinished bottle of Grey Goose vodka to mix in with the cups containing Hennessy.

After playing bartender, Bronson did what he set out to do, a rap show.

"Been on the honor roll, sculptures of my body out in

Nagano," rapped Bronson as he started off the set with the first song off his

mixtape, Blue Chips, following up

with second song off the same project "Steve


"Waiting for an applause," said Bronson after receiving a

low volume of applause after the song, then flexing his right bicep showing his gun tattoo.

While performing "Double Breasted," Bronson jumped down and

continued while fans rushed to take a picture with him or have an opportunity

to rub his head. Yes, that happened various times.

The love for those in attendance did not end there. Being a

considerate rapper, Bronson passed the joint he had been smoking to those in

the front and encouraged them to "puff puff pass" before it made its way back

into the rapper's hands.

The consideration continued as the rapper performed "Thug Love Story

2011" while deciding to toss the joint to the second floor and replacing it

with a back-up doobie hidden in his right pocket.

Bronson, again, jumped off the stage reciting lines like, "Well, me and Docker eating dinner at the

brothel/ Never sniff that blanco, that's word to OJ's Bronco," from "Larry

Csonka," as fans mimicked his words while attempting to take more pictures and

cop a feel of his crown.

Though Bronson said, "Bye. One. Peace. Thank you," after

performing "Shiraz" and the Alchemist produced "The Symbol," fans stood in

their places in the hopes for more. And in no more than a few seconds Bronson came back to perform his half of "Bird On A Wire." At the same time, as Bronson delivered

line after line, he continued showing fans affection by signing flyers, shirts, and even

shoes they held up.

"Fuck it, I'll rap again," said Bronson. And he did, performing "Hookers At The Point" and continued his tour de Green Room, making his way to his merch table, rounding out the night and solidifying his Florida fan base.

Critic's Notebook

Wish List: A

table set up with food cooked by Action Bronson

Personal Bias: Bronson

was pretty serious in action.

The Crowd: Still

trying to figure out a cool new word for hip-hop hipsters.

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