Action Bronson - Revolution Live, Fort Lauderdale - August 17

Action Bronson

Revolution Live, Fort Lauderdale

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Better Than: A judo stunt show at the Cannabis Cup.

Blowing on a blunt rolled longer than Mutombo's finger, Action Bronson strolled out onto the Revolution Live stage in Fort Lauderdale, hair slicked back, breathing in the moment.

He took with a few more puffs and then started his set with "Alligators" off his recent release SAAAB Stories.

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With the requested middle-fingers proudly held high, pun intended, Bronsolino starts to rap, "Here we are just us/ I know you want me from the first time you seen me in the movie/ I was hanging on the shoulder of a villain/ She could flatten a village" from "72 Virgins" but quickly tells the DJ to start over. After the second go-around, Bronson stood center stage to tell the audience, "Take five seconds to acknowledge my body."

Later, after excellently executed takes of "Triple Backflip" and "Pouches of Tuna," Bronson pounded his chest as the Party Supplies-produced beat for "Steve Wynn" dropped. And standing center-stage, Bronson took full pride in his physical features, saying, "I'm 315 pounds. Respect my motherfucking beard."

Those who may have not have respected his agile judo techniques, did so that night. As a fan jumped on stage with his arms opened towards Bronson, the rapper pulled a hip toss out, twisted an arm back, and placed his 315 pounds of weight on the fan's neck with his knee until security arrived.

Amped by this display of self-defense, the crowd erupted with a roar, as the Harry Fraud-produced "The Rockers" exploded. Of course, there was no guest appearance by the track's other rapper, Wiz Khalifa. But his absence was of no concern as Bronson did his best imitation of the Pittsburg rapper, reciting, "Know I hit you with that hot shit/ Straight up off the block, roll up pot shit."

The show kept rolling up and smoking out with a run-through of his latest single, "Strictly 4 My Jeeps," as well as instant Action classics like "The Symbol," "Bird on a Wire," and "9-24-11." Then granting one last request to hoist those middle fingers, Bronson closed out the night with a "Yo, peace motherfuckers."

Critic's Notebook

Wish List: "Morey Boogie Boards"

Personal Bias: Only thing missing was Bronson taking one of his signature tours through the audience.

I Spy: A woman prepared to dance all night in her gym attire.

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