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Addax Debuts Polaroid-Filled "Brightest Green" Video

Miami/Hollywood alternative rockers Addax have just unleashed an MTV Class of '99-worthy music video. Let me be redundant by saying, since MTV barely plays videos anymore and I don't have cable, I wouldn't know what an MTV Class of '09-11 video looks like. I guess the videos MTV plays are like the ones I watch on YouTube, except that MTV doesn't play the whole thing or any of the ones I want to see, and it definitely doesn't play any by bands in my backyard. Correct me if I'm wrong, please.

It doesn't matter. Addax's video does a wonderful job of encapsulating what these guys and girl are all about. The music is emotional, intricate, and catchy. The video is slick, looking good and playful. The bits of humor in the video are my favorite part. If you see them play, you'll notice that besides prog-like tightness, they are camera-ready and charming as hell. If there were still such a thing as the Box, I'd pay $3.99 to watch this video. Multiple times!

We sent them and video director Ulyses Almanza some questions to get inside the minds behind this video.

New Times: What was the shoot like? And how long did it take to make?

Addax: It was great working with Ulyses. The shoot took about 20 hours and was split between two days. One of story line and the other of band performance. Ulyses loved the track from the start and had a vision to bring our dream to moving pictures.

Almanza: It was a two-day shoot spread out through a couple of months. Getting everybody's schedule to click was a bitch. It was a relaxed atmosphere where everything came together.

Who was the biggest diva in the band?

Addax: Omar, of course, continues to be the biggest diva in the band, demanding makeup between every take and wheatgrass smoothies every two hours.

What can you tell us about the composition of the tune? Is there a story behind the song?

Addax: It was our take on an upbeat indie dance track but with a harder "Addax" edge. The basic structure of the song came together very quickly, although it's definitely a very detail-oriented track that went through quite a few changes before we landed on the version we have today. Laura [Barry, Addax frontwoman] can tell you about the story.

Barry: The song is about a "dream" love, and the video concept was about getting lost in love and in between what you think is happening as opposed to what really is going on.

Who is the guy whose eyes Laura longs for in the video?

Addax: Adam Rosenfeld... a childhood friend and Omar's best buddy.

Why does Omar look so pissed when sitting on the ottoman?

Addax: Because Omar is a diva and his wheatgrass smoothie wasn't blended completely.

Actually, why does everyone look so mad when they sit on that angry chair?

Addax: We thought we were just waiting for the next scene.

Almanza: It was actually [creative director] Andrea Giraldo's concept. And she was giving direction.

Where did you shoot the video?

Addax: Interiors were shot at [bassist] Eddy Davis' apartment and in Midtown. Performance was shot at an undisclosed secret studio in North Miami.

It's shot beautifully. All of you look really pretty and handsome -- what kind of prep work went into the "look" of the video?

Barry: We had an amazing team around us of local artists and creative types. Alex Rodriguez was the DP, Andrea did the sets, Nicole Velazquez and Nicky Ninoska did makeup and wardrobe, respectfully, and transformed me into a rock goddess. They did spruce up the boys pretty well too! In fact, I think Eddy still enjoys wearing makeup.

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