Adele Is Pregnant! Five Music Videos with Other Fertile Ladies

Adele, the most popular human looking songstress of the past decade (sorry, Gaga, but sometimes you resemble an anime heroine), is doing something really, really human. She's gestating offspring. That's right, this British crooner is preggers with bf Simon Konecki's fetus. She's rife with child. Bitch is knocked up. And she told the world via a blog.

Since Adele will likely and hopefully continue to make music and videos and such, we thought we'd offer a lil list of other musicians who showed themselves or were in a family way when filming a music video. There's a bonus one you won't wanna miss.

5. Beyonce "Countdown"
A fairly pregnant Beyonce shows off her pretty little bump in this video. Beyonce don't care about maternity wear, she's rocking full spandex, looking like a Bob Fosse dancer.

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4. Madonna in Evita
So, you know, Madonna was filled with baby Lourdes during the filming of this nineties classic.

3. Lady Gaga "Born This Way"
Mother Monster may not actually be a mama, but in this multiverse, she gives birth to evil in the form of a machine gun and some slimy things that are many versions of her own head.

2. Whitney Houston "I'm Every Woman"
This Chaka Khan classic is perfect for any pregnant, or even not pregnant lady, to listen to and feel all empowered about being a female. But in this video, Houston was apparently very large with child but you'd never know since all the shots of the late singer are shoulders up.

1. Britney Spears "Someday (I Will Understand)
Boy, Brit as big as a house in this one. To be honest, she's looking better than ever. Glowing, if you will?

Bonus Video:

Aaron Hall "I Miss You"
For realsies, Adele, do not watch this video. Everyone else, press play now. Besides this, never has a music video brought viewers so completely through the stages of pregnancy, only for the process to result in a tragic end. But this is merely the stuff of '90s R&B videos. Fear not, Adele, you're young and healthy and not in a '90s R&B video.

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