Afrobeta Do You Party? EP Release Party at 7th Circuit Studios Friday

Photo by Karla Garcia
Afrobeta has a very important question for you: Do you party? If we only have a nickle for every time we've been asked that in Miami's club bathrooms. (Answer is YES!) Well the duo, compromised of Cuci Amador and Smurphio, are releasing their new EP, Do You Party?, and celebrating this Friday at 7th Circuit Studios (228 NE 59th Street, Miami) with an all-star lineup.

Afrobeta will be performing live along with Them Jeans, Paparazzi, Panic Bomber, Nate Campbell, Run Sevim Run, Moshe, DJPJ, and Vida. The party starts at 9 p.m., age 18 and up.

Also, let's not forget Afrobeta will also be performing at this year's Ultra Music Festival, which Cuci says they are slotted to play in between DJ Steve Porter and Bassnectar on Friday and between Oribital and Ghost Observatory on Saturday. They've must have partied real hard with Ultra organizers to get that slot!

If you can't wait until Friday to hear Afrobeta's new stuff off the Do You Party? EP, head over to myspace.com/afrobeta and check out some of the tracks, including the title song, which is perhaps some of their best work yet.

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