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Afrobeta's Last Weekend Gig of the Year, This Saturday

​If you're not onto Afrobeta by now, this must be your first time here (and if it is, allow me to welcome you and thank you for the time you'll spend perusing). Because here at Crossfade, we're not exactly reserved in our appreciation for the Miami duo of Cuci Amador and Tony Smurphio. Nor should we be. After all, Afrobeta's sound is about as 305 as you can get. They're about as Miami as Don Johnson in a pastel sports coat with the sleeves rolled up. As Magic City as a mid-day colada and a cigarette on Calle Ocho. They're like traffic on the 395... only in a good way. Like corruption in city gov...well, you get the picture.

And Afrobeta gigs nonstop, frequently hitting up local music hotspots like Transit, and festivals like the recent Miami Music Festival and Sunday on the Mile. Not to mention their weekly residence at Jazid (Afrobeta Sessions on Tuesdays, in case you've missed them). So what's the big deal? Why bring this up now? Last weekend show of the year, dear music lovers. Head to Transit, enjoy the ghetto-tech electro-funk tunes from some of Miami's finest, and slurp  paint thinner or what have you with aplomb. There's no work on Sunday (we hope).

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Christopher Lopez

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