Against Me! Slam-Packed Fort Lauderdale's Culture Room Once Again

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And naturally it would be a totally different show. AM! has put out five albums since ...Axl Rose. Half the band has been swapped out in recent years, and, of course, Laura Jane Grace is now publicly her true self.

There were big lines outside Culture Room all night, and it was nearly impossible to find a corner in order to stand comfortably. Even the normally roomy patio was pretty packed, which is to say nothing of the floor in front of the stage.

When the first chords of "True Trans Soul Rebel" rang out, I was at the bar. I finally got to the back of the main room halfway through "Those Anarcho Punks Are Mysterious." It took that long to wade my way through people, kicking shins and spilling half a beer on several heads in the process.

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There wasn't a whole lot of talking from the band through much of the first half of the set, stacking "Don't Lose Touch," "I Was a Teenage Anarchist," and "Unconditional Love" right in the middle, ostensibly a triple shot of hits. It was near masterful as AM! really got down to business.

Before "How Low," a loping Western-ish trope about trying to escape the party life, Grace mentioned when she "grew up in South Florida. We used to do a lot of acid." Introducing a song about not being able to stop the party by referring to a mindfuck of a drug in a mindfuck of a town seems appropriate.

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Stephen Feller