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Alcohol and Roller Skates Join Forces at Propaganda Lake Worth

Remember those roller rink birthday parties we used to have? Man, they were fun. There was pizza, a DJ, and you could always "accidentally" bump into Becky when no one was looking. She deserved it and everyone knew it.

Well what if we told you that all those beautiful memories didn't have to stay locked in the past? The child version of you used to strap on the skates and get all silly on pizza and onion rings, but guess what? Adult you can do the same thing this Saturday, except with a lot more alcohol!

This Saturday, March 28, at Propaganda, Lake Worth's DubCity DerbyGirls will be celebrating its fifth birthday with a skate night. "You can expect to have an amazing time. If derby girls can do anything better than skating, it's partying," says DubCity skater Furious George. 
That's right, Propaganda is clearing out the furniture and turning the joint into an authentic skating rink. And yes, that means drinking and skating will join forces. Like Taylor Swift and whoever Taylor Swift is dating, it probably won't end well, but damn it's going to be fun to watch. 

Attendees will have to sign a waver at the door basically saying they won't sue if they drink too much vodka and plow into a wall, so any Saul Goodmans out there looking for an easy lawsuit better look elsewhere. Though Furious George does have a few words of wisdom for the skaters. "Two things. First, go with the flow of traffic," she says. "If you are skating in the opposite direction, you might get caught off guard. Also, stay low. That way if you stumble you can fall forward. That will protect yourself from serious injury."

This will be the third time the DubCity DerbyGirls have hosted a skate night at Propaganda. "We really love the Propaganda venue and always appreciate how the owner Michael lets us turn it into a skating rink," George says. 

But of course it wouldn't be a skate night without some tunes. Palm Beach County's own Raggy Monster and Fireside Prophets will be helping out with that.
Doors open at 8 p.m. and due to limited capacity the DerbyGirls recommend that you get there early. There will be a photo booth, cake, and — of course — some classic skating games. Entry is $5 at the door if you bring your own skates, and $10 if you just want to watch. There will be two-for-one cocktails and half-off drafts from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m.

The DubCity DerbyGirls will have some merchandise on sale that you can buy to support the team. But if you can't make it out, Furious George still wants to see you at DubCity's next match. "You can stop by our merchandise table and purchase some merchandise or some baked goods to help us raise funds. Or better yet, come to one of our roller derby bouts. We love to make new fans!"

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