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All-Ages Warehouse Venue, Goo, Opens This Weekend With a Three-Day Fun Festival

Kenneth Fee and company have set the date, time and place for the opening of the new all ages venue Goo. We blogged about this before and now it's starting to gel. The first night a bunch of scene-type kids are going to watch the Fugazi documentary and also a film about Nirvana/Sonic Youth and *shhhh* grunge. Then the next few nights will be spent on a lovely arrangement of local and semi-local bands. The lineups come after the jump, and are subject to change of course. All events are all ages.

A heads-up for the underage/extra-rowdy set: Don't be a d-bag and try to get in free, as these guys are counting on door revenue to keep the place open. Also, don't be a triple supreme d-bag and get drunk and barred up outside, get loud, get in a fight ,and get the place closed before it even gets rolling. It's hard enough to pull something like this off without people acting the fool.


Friday, January 30 at 10 p.m.: Instrument followed by The Year Punk Broke. Admission is free

Saturday January 31 at 10 p.m: Mehkago NT, Downsided, Sloane Peterson plus surprise guests. Admission is $5

Sunday, February 1 at 10 p.m.:Merkit, Black Lipstick, Hivemind, and Homestretch. Admission is $4.

Goo is located at 150 NW 54th St., Miami

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