Alligator Petting at South Florida Tattoo Expo (VIDEO)

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You've seen a

young lady get her anus tattooed

 in front of an audience.

You've watched us chatter about penis tattoos

with a man who gave himself his own. Now, for something we experienced at the South Florida Tattoo Expo that was more wholesome:

an alligator

. That's right, guys: an alligator. Not the most innocent creature ever, but it's a baby one, so it'll eat only your Yorkie, not your child. 

Critter Encounters brought some scaly and furry exhibitionists to the Expo. They were founded in 2000, and their mission is: "To provide 
a safe, permanent home for unwanted or neglected reptiles, exotics, and other wildlife that cannot be returned to their native environment." A noble cause! Thank you, animal people. The org receives no public funding, so give them some dough! 

Anyway, the dude holding B.A.B.S. the gator didn't necessarily love my tasteless animal jokes, but he still let me touch her. 

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