Alpha 606 at Jazid for Bemba This Saturday

​If you've ever wondered what Cuban rumba legend Perez Prado would sound like with an electro makeover, than you're on the same page as locally born and bred producer/programmer Armando Martinez, better known as Alpha 606. But most likely you haven't, because there are very few people with wavelengths out there enough to consider using Afro-Cuban sounds in alchemy with the ambient surrealism Alpha 606 delivers.

There are some, however, and a few of those like minded souls will be gathered together to offer a very unique electronica show at Jazid on Saturday called Bemba, which promises to offer Distraught Mambo, Synth Rumba, Bongo Bass, and of course, Alpha 606's "Afro-Cuban Electronics." Some of those others on the lineup include Sindri, Medley, Cowboy and Nomadic, with whom Alpha collaborates for a side project called iyá, which will also be featured.

Bemba takes place at Jazid (1342 Washington Avenue) this Saturday, January 16, from 10pm-5am. Cover is $10.

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