Alx Czo Releases New Video for "Devils," Announces Upcoming Album

You might know Alx Czo as Cookieheadz or as the singer for the Waterford Landing. Or maybe you remember him spinning songs all night long a million years ago at Poplife or Revolver or more recently at the Vagabond's Thursday-night party, Shake.

He's back and all solo with a new video and song, "Devils," which he says is composed of Lot in Sodom, a short experimental film shot in 1933. He's working on a full-length album that'll be out by this summer called Blue Sabbath. In true Czo form, he says, "Heartbreak is a recurring theme, hence, I'm a closet goth. Lot of electronics mixing with live instruments."

Czo says he will likely post two more videos before the album drops and is setting up shows in a month. "I'm trying to include other musicians and come up with a different theatrical approach to the live show," he says. Yes, please! South Florida loves it some drama and can never get enough of Alx Czo.  

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For a full rundown of all of things Czo, click on this link. Check out the video after the jump.

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