An Incomplete List of DJ Shadow's "I Gotta Rokk" Video's Cultural References

DJ Shadow's made a career making one thing out of everything. On 1996's classic Entroducing, he built the first album made entirely of samples and created an engrossing, trippy, rump-shaking album. He and James Lavelle later collaborated with Thom Yorke and the rest of British Rock Royalty Class of '97 for his work on UNKLE's Psyence Fiction. Since he started DJing in 1989, he's been consistently creating collages of sounds and solving music puzzles with pieces he cut himself nonstop.

For some reason -- accessibility? catchiness? symmetry? The Outsider? -- Shadow is not the exalted high priest of electronic music. He painstakingly makes impossible-to-make music that is easy to listen to. Don't believe us? Check him out August 25 at the Identity Festival in Bayfront Park.

And in the meantime, check out this totally boss music video.

His newest effort, "I Gotta Rokk," is built upon '80s metal drumming, power chords, and leathery attitude. The video has everything, and we mean ev-er-y-thin-guh. Scroll down after the video to read our highly incomplete list of all the shit we caught throughout the video's three-minute, 34-second time span. Feel free to let us know what we missed in the comments section, and let us know where we are wrong. (i.e., "that's not Jackyl that's Manx," or "DJ Shadow is widely recognized as a trailblazer, you moron; just because your friends aren't blown away by him doesn't mean he didn't change the game drastically.")

All in this video:

Dave Letterman 

"Heavy Metal Parking Lot" 
Storm Troopers 
Olympic Figure Skating 
George Bush 
Tex Avery cartoons 
more Dave Letterman 
Barack Obama 
more Letterman 
James Brown 
Late ABBA drummer Ola Brunkert 
Crash test footage 
Buster Keaton 
Back to the Future 
Super bad-ass Rock Band promo-pic montage:

Spreadeagle, Hunger, Zooster, Hate Street, Jonah's Whale, Maple Shade, Samson, Pectrum, impulse, Troll, Salem Witchcraft, Tight, Sparkle, Airshow, Tuff Stuff, The Night Crew, Barbara Allen & the Tennessee Hot Pants 

The Who 

Jimi Hendrix
Twisted Sister
James Woods 
Lost Boys

The long cut:
Dj Shadow-I Gotta Rokk (LP Version) by oli02

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