An Open Letter to 2010: Try Jazid's Open Mind Monday

Dear 2010,


I don't want to start off on the wrong foot with you or anything, but...WHAT THE FUCK? Were the bleary-eyed shambles that I awoke in this morning really necessary? The spinning room was called for, the throbbing of my brain, which is now apparently three sizes too big for my skull? I've done nothing to you, buddy. This isn't paying for my sins--I haven't had a drink in days. So what gives?

Is this really all just holiday hangover as the first morning back to reality rears its ugly head? I hope not, 2010. Because you can ask your homie 2009 what it was like to stir the shit with me. We got into it pretty good, and I'll tell you something: it wasn't pretty.

But that isn't how I want this to go down New Year. So as a peace offering, because I know that deep down you're a boogie down kinda year, I'm gonna tell you about a shindig tonight at Jazid. Open Mind Monday. It's a party they do every Monday for people who awoke in just such a state as mine this morning. There's art, a lovely host named Sophie Moon, and much live music. There'll even be free chicken wings until midnight. So go enjoy, and no hard feelings, alright?

As for me, think I'll call in sick, crawl back into bed, and try this working man thing again tomorrow.

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Christopher Lopez