Andy Matchett & the Minks Unleash Upbeat Pop-Rock Upon Propaganda

When Orlando-based musician Andy Matchett rolls into town with his bouffant hair and his backing band the Minks, get ready for an act capable of delivering smiles aplenty, occasional confetti blasts, and a history of forging intimacy with the audience by performing under a parachute. Also expect an upbeat delivery of driving pop-rock tunes from The Apple Tree Circle. It begins with a dreamy, slow-paced acoustic number called "The Circle's Lament," featuring the softer end of Matchett's vocals, and then rolls off into meatier numbers like "All This Time" and the poppy "Daylilies." Filling out the bill is the rootsy stomp of Luna Rex, the acoustic talents of Kevin Popejoy, and Jamie Rasso's feel-good rock.

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Courtney Hambright