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Animal Style Records Release Free Fest 11 Sampler While Gainesville Prepares for Punk

Since 2002, droves of punk rock fans have converged upon Gainesville each late October. They do this to punish their ear drums and livers collectively for three days of musical alcoholism at the Fest. The event has grown every year via a potent mixture of rare performances by dormant artists and sets by current favorites. 

As the 13 venues hosting Fest 11 shows prepare for the weekend's displays of self-destructive behavior, updates anticipating the fun flood the social media. Two favorites from my own Facebook feed include "is anyone bringing a costume to the Fest, or am I going to be the only drunk guy in tights?" and "as of 5:30 today, I will be abandoning all personal/legal/monetary/corporate/moral obligations for four days. That being said: HAPPY FESTBOOK FRIDAY!" 

Though much of this fervor is no doubt a product of scheduled performances by beloved and influential bands like 7 Seconds, Braid, Propaghandi, Good Riddance, Lagwagon, and Negative Approach, the Fest has always served as a coming out party for new artists that have worked their way into the good graces of event organizers. 

To celebrate the event and introduce Fest-goers to some of the lesser-known acts performing, Animal Style Records has put together a free 10-song sampler of artists they have worked with that will be performing this weekend. Artists featured on the compilation run the gamut of punk sub-genres. 

Just consider this the soundtrack for the road trip ahead. 

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David Von Bader

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