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Another 40 Ounce

When Sublime point-man Bradley Nowell died of a drug overdose in 1996, many hard-drinking, fast-living music fans were left in limbo. Where were they gonna get the infectious mix of ska, punk, reggae, rock, and hip-hop that they had come to know and love? Enter Badfish, the Sublime tribute band that plays the date-raping, Santeria-practicing party jams that frat boys and suburban punks across America crave. Badfish formed in 2001 and played an inaugural, sold-out show in Rhode Island. From there, the band began a blitzkrieg tour of the U.S., amassing a loyal following and building a reputation as a fantastic live act. With its recently added keyboard player, the band is now a quartet, and their renditions of Sublime classics are reportedly spot-on. Fans of the Long Beach bruisers would do well to put down the needle and grab the beer bong. That's what I got.

Badfish plays at 7 p.m. Thursday, November 10, at Revolution, 200 W. Broward Blvd., Fort Lauderdale. Tickets cost $12. Call 954-727-0950.

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D. Sirianni