ANR and Coral Morphologic as Sleepwalking Release New Song and Video "Burning MoOon"

The two-man outfit ANR has blown up all over the country. Not literally, but as an "it" band from South Florida. Last year's video for the hurricanecentric "It's Around You" premiered on


(where you can see yours truly dragged around a warehouse floor). It was created by the superwarped minds over at the 

Borscht Film Festival

, specifically Lucas Leyva and Jillian Mayer. One part of ANR, MJ Hancock, and Borscht have teamed up yet again to work on a video with an even spookier vibe.

This time, though, ANR is working as Sleepwalking with Jared McKay, one of the men of Coral Morphologic, the guys who make magical art with live coral. McKay is also the face behind Discosoma Records, producing 45s by some of the best bands in South Florida. In partnership with Severin Films, Borscht filmmakers prepared the video using the horror film The Burning Moon that they'll be hosting a screening of this Friday, April 13. McKay tells us: "The video is created from bits of the movie. The song samples the movie as well." 

And that's not all. This musical bromance continues, "This track isn't a one-time collaboration; we have a 45-minute LP for release in a couple of months and a bunch of remixes," McKay assures, but "this track and video are very specifically made for this movie screening, hence the horror vibes. All of our other tracks sound more like a mix of Miami bass and U.K. acid house." Can we say, hells yes? We may sound corny, but yes, we can. 

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