Anthony Green

Singer/songwriter Anthony Green is best-known as the emotive lead singer for Philadelphia-based prog-rock band Circa Survive. Powered by a combination of ballerina-gone-ballistic stage moves and melodic, screaming vocals, Green has earned a demigod reputation in the tattooed emo tween scene. When the group recently took a short break, a tireless Green took the opportunity to record some solo material he had written over the past decade. The result of that effort is his debut album, Avalon — 11 tracks that convey Green's adolescent-to-adult experiences and are a considerable shift from his band's music. Green says the album was a chance for him to have complete creative control without outside opinions. Avalon, released August 6, also marked the beginning of the songwriter's 32-date solo tour. More accustomed to inspiring raging mosh pits and sweaty red-faced audience sing-alongs, Green's current tour promises to be something different — more grounded and subdued, simply due to the nature of the songs and the fact that he will play a guitar. "It's more of a staring-at-you-straight-in-the-face style, rather than circling you," Green explains.

Inspired by the movie Fight Club, Green decided to use his MySpace page to get fans more involved with Avalon and his tour. "I want to give people something to do that they might have not thought about doing that day, or that minute, or at all," he says. Online missions have included submitting a homemade cover of the single "Dear Child." In each city, Green will choose the fan with the best cover to come onstage and sing with him. So emo fans, here's your chance to be a star.

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Monica Cady