Anthrax Day in South Florida Is November 2

Strap on your white high-tops and start dyeing your goatee. Anthrax is coming to South Florida and coheadlining with equally awesome thrash peers Testament for what they're referring to as a "Thrashfest Extravaganza"!

The hairiest band NYC ever produced is prepping to release a new album, Worship Music. which features most recognizable singer Joey Belladonna. He sat in on the band's infamous 1992 collaboration with Public Enemy, spawning the now twisted and unpleasant fusion genre/lifestyle choice that is rap-metal. Here are a few curious trivia items to let people in on just how much you love Anthrax, and some tunes we'd love to hear at the show in November.

*Singer Joey Belladonna, unsung hero of hipster headwear, was predated only by Ted Nugent in the use of a traditional Native American headress as symbolic of his thrash dominance. This look is apparently now considered quite derogatory, due most likely to the lack of honorable music to associate it with. ​

*However, the Anthrax guys are finally getting a bit more respect in their hometown, where in honor of the impending Big 4 concert at Yankee Stadium, they've named September 14 as "Anthrax Day in the Bronx." That name will never quite sit right, but it is awesome to see a bit of respect shown to the thrash pioneers.

* VH1 panelist extraordinaire and colorful overgrown goatee aficionado Scott "Not" Ian, the only member to never leave the band and the group's main lyricist, recently welcomed a son to the world with his wife, Pearl, who happens to be the fruit of Meat Loaf's loins. He missed several shows through Europe, forcing Anthrax to play live without him for the first time ever, but is back to stomping the stage and chugging the mosh out of his guitars. Though the child was born without a goatee, he is quite healthy.

Here are some selected favorites from Anthrax and Testament as well as a track from (awesome) direct support Death Angel. Don't forget to celebrate Anthrax Day on September 14!

1. Anthrax's "Madhouse" from Spreading the Disease  


2. Anthrax's "Caught in a Mosh" from Among the Living

3. Anthrax's "Bring the Noise" with Public Enemy

4. Testament's "Souls of Black" from Souls of Black

5. Death Angel's "Voracious Souls" from Ultra-Violence 

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David Von Bader