Anthrax's Scott Ian: Take Away Illegal Downloaders' Internet Privileges

Anthrax, the thrash-metal legends led by iconically bearded guitarist Scott Ian, has never fallen off. While other heavy-music peers with as much longevity have taken time to get weird or experimental, this act has always stuck to searing, soaring, anti-gravity riffs and melodies with a charging punk fury. Anthrax has always straddled the lines between heavy and hard and hard and fast and as such has always enjoyed a wider fan base than many of its original scene peers.

So the band's excellent tenth studio album, Worship Music, isn't a

return to form but rather a continuation of it. The record features

most of the band's "classic" mid-'80s lineup: Ian, of course, on guitar

and principal songwriting duties, Frank Bello on bass, and Charlie

Benante on drums, as well as the long-maned, elastic-voiced Joey

Belladonna back on vocals. Guitarist Rob Caggiano, an integral member of

the band in its '00s iteration and its album producer, rounds out the


County Grind caught up with the always outspoken Ian in

advance of the band's show tonight at Revolution with two other

classic thrash staples, Testament and Death Angel. We chatted Worship

Music, illegal downloading, and comics. Here's what he had to say.

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Arielle Castillo
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