Apply for County Grind's Spring 2012 Internship!

Hello, students of journalism, music fetishists, verbiage purveyors, and social networking superstars. We want one of you to give the New Times Broward-Palm Beach music section some assists for the next few months. In return, you will get college credit, some writing credits to your name, a masterful resume item, and some ringing ears.

We are looking for someone who is familiar with blogging, and isn't afraid to share their stories with the world wide web. South Florida's music scene needs more strong voices like your own, and you'll get the chance to attach a megaphone by working for us.

Please write us a short cover letter detailing your music and writing interests, where you go to school (this is required), and maybe even a few pitches. Please include links to relevant clips, and a copy of your resume.

All materials go to: music@browardpalmbeach.com by December 15.

Follow County Grind on Facebook and Twitter: @CountyGrind.

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