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The cool thing about being a brainy, one-man bedroom band is you don't have to share the groupies. The sad thing is that the groupies often consist of your mom and your cat, one of whom just isn't impressed. Based on the sound of his music, though, I'm betting Aqueduct's sole proprietor Dave Terry isn't the stereotypical, self-absorbed home-studio auteur. Rather than roll around in the blankets and ignore the telephone, I Sold Gold connects with the outside world via slick, micro-symphonic songwriting and Terry's undeniably magnetic voice.

On his second full-length under the Aqueduct banner, Terry stretches layers of analog synths, digital drums, and his own overdubbed vocals from his dry Tulsa hometown to his dank Seattle home base. If there's any dreary introspection here, it's balanced by sky-grabbing arrangements and a genuine warmth that's hard to find in a solo setting. Though its closest cousin is fellow indiepoptronica collective the Postal Service, Gold is also equal parts balmy Beach Boys pop and faded Wilco heartache, Cars-like bubble-gum and Lips-ish quirk. Anybody who can deliver the line "You're looking kinda foxy tonight" and make it sound like pure peg-pantsed cool, as Terry does on "Growing Up with GNR," has got to be heard.

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Jonathan Zwickel

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