Archive Diver: SKUM at Hi Volt Video Niteclub in the Grove Cinema 1988

image via Miami New Times archives week of June 22-28, 1988
When's The Last Time You Been To A Rock Show At A Movie Theater

This week's Archive Diver brings you the billing for the Grove Cinema's Hi-Volt Video Niteclub from June 22 - 28, 1988. Live musical acts featured that week included SKUM, currently undergoing a cinematic resurgence through a locally produced documentary by a former band member.

The SKUM movie includes interviews with celebrities you wouldn't expect to know or give a shit about a Miami rock band from the 1980s, but some appearances include Jon Stewart, Traci Lords, Steven Bauer, Vince Neil (on a boat bitch!), Kevin Bacon, Bruce Hornsby, Uncle Luke, and many more. 

There seem to be no web records of the Hi-Volt Video Niteclub -- till now at least.

Here goes a trailer for the SKUM movie, and the full scan of the Hi-Volt Video Niteclub ad for that fateful week in 1988...

scan by Jacob Katel
image via Miami New Times archives week of June 22-28, 1988

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