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Archive Diver: Vintage Records, Yesterday And Today Records Ad From 1988

image via Miami New Times archives week of September 7 - 13, 1988
​Yesterday And Today Records is a legendary Dade County mom-and-pop record store. The above ad is from their original location, long since closed, but guess what, they're still open  at 9275 SW 40 St. At 28 years strong and counting, they say they're "South Florida's oldest record shop (vinyl)."

Crossfade dialed up Evan Chern, the dude who has owned the place for the last ten or so years. He's a former WDNA DJ who spent "about 13 years" doing his show Notes From The Underground. Evan bought the store from the original owner Richard and had the foresight to buy the domain for Here's some of what Evan had to say, the rest you'll have to ask him about in person:

My name is Evan Chern. I'm the owner. We have one other employee at the moment. I sell old records, reel to reel, 8-track, CDs -- you can look on the website.

There's Sweat Records I guess, but they're more like a newer younger store I guess, but really, what other records shops do you know of.

As far as a full line record shop, we're pretty much it, but yeah man we're still around.

We specialize more in like '50s through '80s psychedelic, garage, and progressive music. We also carry everything else, you name it, blues, latin, jazz, funk, soul, just pick some thing out from our website. It's a real lame website, it's nothing professional, I made it myself, but it works. Just look up "vintage records," we get a lot of hits off that.

Theres nothing like walking into a store and see what you're getting, touch it, look at it. We're getting a lot of younger people who are into the artwork. There's nothing like a good old analog, I wish there were more record stores.

People are into it, the records are what's keeping us alive, although we get a lot of people looking for weird, obscure, import CDs.

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