Are You An Out Of Work Musician? Want a Gig Just For the Money?

Do you wake up, smoke a bowl, bum a cigarette, drink a beer, eat some corn pops, play guitar, watch Judge Judy, Matlock and Oprah while "brainstorming" your million dollar ideas wearing dirty socks and wishing somebody would just pay your rent so you could concentrate on developing your unrecognized genius? You're probably either a blogger or an out of work musician. If it's the latter, join a band that's in it for the money. How bout this one, ripped directly from Craigslist for your benefit...

"We are seeking an experienced Singer/Frontman (Guitar Playing a +++)

for a new working cover band. Gig's will be starting in mid-late May.

We are all in our mid-late 20's, and would prefer someone in the same

age group. We are all very determined, reliable, and well versed on

different genres. The main goal of this band is to be out playing as

much as possible. Someone with experience keeping the crowd going would

be nice....

Some of the bands we are playing songs from are: RHCP, Van Morrison,

Dire Straits, Guns n Roses, CCR, Phish, Sublime, Bob Marley, plus alot

more Alternitive/Reggae/Top 40.

Please be professional/reliable/ready to work. We're planning on

spending the next couple of weeks with heavy practice getting the first

round of songs ready. We have a practice space in Boca.


Contact for more info.

Reply to: [email protected]

You're welcome

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Jacob Katel