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Are You Thankful for 93 Rock's Demise?

Just in time for Thanksgiving, Cox Radio has reformatted the 93.1 FM preset in South Florida cars once again. 93 Rock's blast of Staind-friendly Mainstream Rock format has been put on blast in favor of a round-the-clock Christmas mix dubbed South Florida's Official Holiday Music Station. Yes, among other things, this means no more Bubba the Love Sponge. Sister paper Miami New Times caught up with Mr. Brian Elam, the VP and GM for WFLC-FM and WHDR-FM -- and though he confirmed that there would be a different format after the holidays, he was tight-lipped about what it might be.

Below, we have a clip from NBC Miami 6 titled "Rock is Dead in SoFla" (what about the Buzz?) in which its media organization (briefly) interviews a familiar member of our media organization about another media organization's programming shake-up.

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Apparently I was in the mood to shill for Apple. Read the transcript here.

In addition to extolling the virtues of Devo in the workplace, I also said that what any radio station needs down here is a solid bond with the community and management with the patience to see it through periods of low Arbitron numbers. It's impossible to be thankful for any move that causes people to lose jobs at this time of year, so hopefully the new plan is something that doesn't fall neatly into a prepackaged format and has a chance to find (and grow) listeners organically.

To quote Axl Rose, "Where do we go now?"

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