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Around the Voice: Actor Donald Glover Can Rhyme Better Than Joel McHale

Donald Glover's flow is serious, so stop laughing at his jokes
Every week, we gather some interesting stuff from our sister Village Voice Media publications' music sections. Just for kicks. Here's last week's entry.

An in-depth look

back at N.W.A. frontman Eazy E resides in Phoenix New Times.


Weekly goes deep with indie darlings of the moment the

Morning Benders and Washed

Out, the glo-fi equivalent.

Great titling (Arkansas

Bo Is The Best Unemployed Rapper In Dallas), and Ted Leo reflects

on his prolific career in the Dallas Observer:

"Being able to step off that hamster wheel where you can't

really see

what's up around the bend but only what's coming at you fast, it helped

me get a little bit of perspective about the whole thing, the whole

thing meaning the last 20 years of my life," Leo says. "I think, in a

weird way, it opened up the songwriting for a little bit more of just me

using my voice and not maybe feeling like I had to say something."

In City Pages, Trip Shakespeare gets

the band back together.

Village Voice went

to Mexico for the MtyMx fest, Community scene-stealer Donald

Glover is

also just a rapper, Edd Hurt recalls his 1981 conversation with

now-departed Alex

Chilton, and Dan Weiss has

a spot-on line about the XX:

The big white "X" on black that comprises their album cover

(title: xx)

is the sort of cult branding that evokes a mass of NIN T-shirts, and

their goth-friendly haircuts would be happy to comply if only the group

didn't pledge allegiance to Aaliyah and Ma$e


Plus, shopping with Gang

Gang Dance's Lizzi Bougatsos!

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