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Around the Voice: Dum Dum Girls' Past Gets Unwrapped

I Will Be reluctant to answer questions about my past
Every week, we gather some interesting stuff from our sister Village

Voice Media publications' music sections. Just for kicks. Here's last

week's entry.

Owl City has a song called "Hello Seattle" and Seattle

Weekly likes that fact.

The story behind Sonny Smith's 100 Records, an exhibit of fake album covers, resides in the SF Weekly.

LA Weekly's Chris Martins does a strong bit of investigative reporting in his profile of Dum Dum Girls frontwoman Dee Dee, AKA ex-Grand Ole Party's Kristin Gundred.

Even Erykah Badu gets starstruck during a conversation with the Dallas


"That's Horshack!" she screams with glee. "That's Arnold

Horshack! I just saw Arnold Horshack from Welcome Back, Kotter!

Just walking  down the road! On Park and 34th!"

In Village Voice, Rob Harvilla's always-mesmerizing

prose regarding Badu's even-more-mesmerizing New Amerykah Part

Two: Return of the Ankh,   Rich Juzwiak pulls no punches regarding

Usher's newest release, Raymond v. Raymond:

Perhaps this show-and-no-tell is Usher lying to us to

re-energize his career. Perhaps it's something more diabolical, a

smoke-and-mirrors exploitation to dupe those who care too much about his

personal life into buying music that barely mentions it. Either way,

he's too occupied to explain: Raymond mostly explores its hero's status

as a gay divorcé (no homo, as far as we can tell).

Riverfront Times hosts a fun look

back at Tegan and Sara's 1999 hairstyles before digging into the Sainthood

goodies, and a round-up of Cheap Trick's activity during South by

Southwest with a Q&A

with Robin Zander and Rick Neilsen.

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