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Arrange Teases "Sun Showers" From New EP

There's nothing better to call Malcom Lacey's Arrange than Tumblr-wave. Over the past few months, the Fort Lauderdale resident has provided glimpses into his life and mind through his electronic music and a rather personal blog. Since Lacey has yet to perform a live show -- in spite of many requests from yours truly and countless fans -- the running commentary on his Tumblr ("it's probably not very surprising that i dislike 7 out of every 10 songs played on the 'arrange' pandora station") serves as banter between songs.

Lacey recently unveiled a new song called "Sun Showers." It's the first single from Five Years With the Sun, an EP follow-up to his acclaimed Plantation album, which earned him some plaudits from Pitchfork and was a topic of discussion in his revealing chat with Monica Uszerowicz.

We are not experiencing winter weather here in South Florida -- although Lacey will when he moves to Oregon next month -- but this track is exactly like the sun glistening through those enormous theoretical icicles hanging outside your house. Gone are the dark, scorched tones of Plantation, and instead we have the warmth of a piano and an overwhelming swell of synth bliss. He sings only a few hushed lines in this one, but it's enough to detect a new positivity in his work.

Five Years With the Sun will be released on vinyl January 24 via JUKBOXR.

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