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Arrested Development Returns: Five Best Musical Moments

Fans of Arrested Development rejoice! The show that was cancelled at the peak of its hilarity in 2006 is not dead. Yesterday at the New Yorker Festival, the show's creator Mitchell Hurwitz announced all the Bluths are coming back. Plans include a nine-episode mini-series to catch us up with all the characters and a full-length feature film. We haven't been this happy since Army had a half-day.

The show's stars Will Arnett and Jason Bateman confirmed on Twitter, that they'd be coming back by 2013. No word yet on whether Annyong, Steve Holt, Ann, Egg, Tony Wonder, Plant, Kitty, Hog or Ice would be rejoining the dysfunctional team. We just started a rumor that Atlanta hip hop group Arrested Development will record the new theme song.

Let's celebrate the return of the Bluths with our five favorite musical moments from the show!

Mr. Roboto

In this clip, Buster breaks it down to the Styx classic until his fake hand falls off. In usual Arrested Development fashion there's more to the joke than Tony Hale's intense lip-syncing -- it's an homage to Hale's 1999 Volkswagon commercial where he did pretty much the exact same thing; without impaling his hook hand into the dashboard.

The Final Countdown

When Will Arnett hit the stage as serious magician Gob Bluth, he always entered to Europe's epic synth power ballad. This song adds credibility to Gob's illusions. Don't call them tricks, tricks are something hookers do for money, or cocaine, or candy.

Chicken Dance

Apparently, in the Arrested Development universe, nobody has ever seen a real chicken.

Discipline Daddy

As Tobias Fünke comedian/Sub-Pop recording artist David Cross would use this song to pump himself up as father.

Big Yellow Joint

This original song from the show sounds like it could be the b-side to Mungo Jerry's "In The Summertime." What's it about? It's about how the family's chocolate banana stand is a yellow place and it looks like big marijuana cigarette.  

And - just in case we need to get a little more excited about Arrested Development's return, let's just watch this party scene over and over again until the mini-series comes out.

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