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Art Basel Music: "Feel It All Around" MP3 by Washed Out, Playing Terri and Donna Gallery December 4

Photo by Grant David Keyes
​Like the amplified and remixed white noise of a midnight tide shift as seen on TV, there are squalls and snarls of late-summer indie-pop bleeding from a bedroom studio in Macon, Georgia. All software synths, samples, drum machines, and dreamy vocal layers -- this is the faraway, New Wave-y work of Washed Out, a one-man project helmed by Ernest Weatherly Greene. 

"I've recorded music on my computer for about four or five years. But only recently started working in the Washed Out style," Weatherly Greene says. "I started out doing instrumental hip hop." By now, however, he's evolved several separate musical identities: the slowed-down and blissed-out sound of debut Washed Out EP, Life of Leisure, as well as the lo-fi rock project Lee Weather and an album of '80s synth-pop reminiscent of the Human League. "It's all done in my bedroom," Weatherly Greene reminds us. 

Next Friday though, he'll leave Macon and the bedroom studio, visiting Terri and Donna Gallery for his first Miami show ever. The set list should include Life of Leisure's six tracks -- today's free cut "Feel It All Around" among them -- not to mention some new material currently destined for the upcoming Washed Out full-length. But still, expect those midnight shifts in tide because, as Weatherly Greene says: "I'm still working on the best way to approach it. My stuff sits at a weird place. It's not quite fast enough to be dance music and a little too fast to be chill-out." 

Friday, December 4. Terri and Donna Gallery, 153 NW 36th St., Miami. Show starts at 10 p.m., and tickets cost $10 through 917-545-2727;

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