Art: Minus the Bear at Revolution Live on May 11, by Iron Forge Press

Poster created by Iron Forge Press
Fort Lauderdale-based Iron Forge Press creates some of the most eye-popping rock posters we've ever seen. Whenever possible, we'll share their designs right here on Crossfade.

Iron Forge Press designer Ian Rowan sent over this shot of a Minus the Bear poster for Tuesday's show at Revolution. According to Rowan: "It says Minus the Bear Omni [referring to the band's new album, which is discussed in this week's print edition], it is a little hard to read but it is cool looking.  It was designed by our buddy Troy White who collaborates with us often and set up and printed by Chuck [Loose]."

Hard to read is strictly in the eye of the beholder. Once you know what the red-and-orange shapes are supposed to say, it's pretty easy to figure out the pattern. The artful smudging here is a huge jump from the smoothed-over look of the Coheed and Cambria poster we pointed out last time.


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