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Art Rock at Armory Art Center Was a Room of Awesome

Photo by Reed Fischer
The pretty, colorful Mosaic was a good precursor to what we would find inside
New Times Broward-Palm Beach Calendar Editor Mickie Centrone has the enviable job of knowing about every event that happens within the boundaries of the two counties, and then some. When she attends some of the finest events from a given week, we'll post the details of her travels here. On Saturday, she attended Art Rock at the Armory Art Center in West Palm Beach.

Art Rock transformed Armory Art Center into the art version of Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory

this past Saturday. Artwork was on the walls, on tables, on people, and

in jars. It was in the form of jewelry, paintings, magnets, skateboards,

and cupcakes. Put on by Stitch Rock's Amanda

Linton, this event gave everybody the opportunity to strut out the door

with artwork in hand (for instance, postcards sold for $2). The solid turnout and

feedback "reassures that people want this and that makes me happy,"

Linton said after the event. But a subtler perk at Art Rock was found.

You could also shop for your future tattoo artist. Meet some artists

after the jump:

Photo by Reed Fischer
Helpful directions: The mosaic is no where near the entrance, but this sculpture is

Photo by Reed Fischer
Amanda Linton deserves a freakin' medal, but she did score a jar of pickles

Photo by Reed Fischer
Art you can wear in your hair by Annies Cupboards

Photo by Reed Fischer
JR Linton, husband of Stitch Rock bad-ass Amanda Linton, works at Hellcat Tattoo

Photo Reed Fischer
Chris Chaney, who also tattoos at Hellcat, bartered two cupcakes for a rock poster from the Iron Forge Press guys

Photo by Reed Fischer
Same shot, sans people

Photo by Reed Fischer
These are the Iron Forge Press guys, Ian and Chuck. (Personal note: I scored a sweet Depeche Mode rock poster)

Art_Rock_Jason Page.JPG
Photo by Reed Fischer
Jason Page creates "Light Painting" photographs. The process went over my head but I do know there's no photo editing

Photo by Reed Fischer
Armory Art Center became an eclectic, indie marketplace

Photo by Reed Fischer
One of the photographer's picks, artwork by Raven Girl

Photo by Reed Fischer
Here's a shot of sewer-extraordinaire Ragamufyn's stuff

Photo by Reed Fischer
And a close up of some collage magnets

Photo by Reed Fischer
Lea Vendetta, who also tattoos, desribes her paintings as having an underworld, dark atmosphere, as burlesque, and containing busty women

Photo Reed Fischer
Pooch, who owns Altered State Tattoo, can paint one of his wicked prints on a guitar for you

Photo by Reed Fischer
Body art was also available for viewing upon request

Photo by Reed Fischer
And switch sides for one more shot

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Mickie Centrone

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