Art: Ted Nugent Paper Doll Poster by Iron Forge Press

Fort Lauderdale-based Iron

Forge Press

creates some of the most eye-popping rock posters we've ever seen.

Whenever possible, we'll share their designs right here on County Grind.

One reason we have such a great country is decidedly Ted Nugent, a man who relishes killing liberal buzz just as much as he enjoys bear hunting. Last week, the Nuge offered enough material for us to consider renaming him Ted Nuggets in a lively Q&A conducted by Lee Zimmerman. Equally ribald and rowdy is the promotional poster hatched by Iron Forge Press in a collaboration with BlackBooks for last Tuesday's show.

Who hasn't imagined Ted Nugent as a paper doll? One equally comfortable with a hollow-body electric guitar or hollow-point bullets in his hands? Gimme! See what it feels like to dress up Nugent below, and keep reading about Iron Forge Press here.

New 5 color print for Ted Nugent. Illustration by Omar Angulo, layout and coloring by Chuck Loose. This poster is laser-perfed by BlackBooks stencils, so you can pop out uncle Ted and his accessories to make your very own paper doll of the Nuge!

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