Artie Lange In Miami - Live Video

Artie Lange Live From Miami from Miami New Times on Vimeo.

Artie Lange is the greatest American storyteller since Mark Twain. This motherfucker is hilarious. Artie Lange was in Miami promoting his book "Too Fat To Fish," at Books & Books in Coral Gables. Artie was drinking water because he's been in Miami getting off booze and heroin and getting wheatgrass "shoved up his ass."

The book is a great inspiration to anybody aspiring to do anything. He has done a lot of dumb shit in his day, but Artie Lange lives to tell about it. If you're a fan of John Belushi, Chris Farley, Howard Stern, Chevy Chase, professional sports or getting fucked up, then Artie Lange will make you laugh, enjoy this video of him live and sober in Miami.


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