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Artist Misael Soto's Best Beach Songs to Inspire Giving to His Giant Beach Towel East Coast Tour Kickstarter Campaign

Broward-bred visual artist Misael Soto spent some hours a few months back sewing lengths of blue terry cloth together to create, what else, but a giant beach towel. He brought this huge drying device down to South Beach where strangers and friends were encouraged to pop a squat on it and mingle. It's art. Beach Towel art. 

Soto calls the project, "participatory intervention." It's part performance, part installation, some might find it suiting to reference it to relational aesthetics. Whatever it is, it pleases everyone who nears it. The afternoon on the beach was tame, but some people were bold enough to come sit with him and talk and lay out. This Memorial Day weekend, the Beach Towel made its third appearance. This time, it was like an all out music festival with This Heart Electric performing, complete with Dino Felipe on drums in the sand. 

It was such a success that Soto decided to take the show on the road, all the way from South Beach to Rockaway Beach. He's raising funds to support the Beach Towel East Coast Tour, which will bring beachy fun all over the darn sandy, sunny place. Luckily, the tour will pass through Hollywood and Fort Lauderdale beaches. He's trying to raise $5,000 on Kickstarter, offering in return for funds things like postcards, your very own handmade beach towel ($250), and even the giant towel itself ($5k, for the ballers). 

We thought, hell, we gotta get Misael on the road with his friendly-ass project. To inspire giving, he sent over his beach day playlist and a few good reasons to listen to these songs on the sand. 

10. Real Estate - "Beach Comber"
"For me, the beach is the epitome of 'beginning is the end/end is the beginning' metaphor (a la the film La Strada). This song is all about that in a quiet, steady way," Soto says thoughtfully and artfully. 

9. Suicide - "Dream Baby Dream"
Soto says of this soulful dirge: "Youth! Energy! Courage! Etc. etc. etc.!" 

8. Blood Orange -"Champagne Coast"
"I've been listening to this song (and watching its hypnotizing video) on repeat about 50 times a day." The artist in Back to the Future format notes, "It will be the song I listen to when I want flashbacks of now."

7. Jungle Brothers - "Good Newz Comin'"
About this dance-tastic Jungle Brothers jam, Soto sent us this:

6. Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - "Bright Lit Blue Skies"
"A little bit of cynicism and realism thrown into the mix. All that glitters is not..." he trails off. 

5. The Ramones - "Rockaway Beach"
"The last stop on my August East Coast tour is going to be Rockaway Beach." He says in reference to the reason for giving, "This hopping tune will keep my eyes on the prize."

4. Astrud Gilberto - "So Nice (Summer Samba)"
"Some days, all I want is someone nice to samba through life with me." Ay, que cutie. 

3. Robbie Dupree - "Steal Away"
"This bit of first class yacht rock is appropriate anywhere, really, but no where better than during a sunset on the sand." Just imagine, sitting on Hollywood Beach with Soto, stealing away into the night with this jam.  

2. El Guincho - "Bombay"   ***NSFW***
"The lyrics are about the universe and love and time and presence... Or something." Soto says of the "boobies song," "It just makes me smile and dance."

1. Yo La Tengo - entire "Summer Sun" album
You can't have a seasonal mix without Yo La Tengo, "This album, is summer through and through, with its energy, hot nights, and natural strength," Misael says wistfully. 

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