Artist to Watch: Fort Lauderdale Rapper Broken Eclipze on That Nostalgic Tip

It's hard to put a finger on the roots of his sound, but "somewhat nostalgic" is what Clayton Griffin, better-known as Fort Lauderdale rapper/producer Broken Eclipze, wants us to feel.

The 15-year-old South Florida native produces heavy, lean-soaked and trilled-out beats that fit within the wheelhouse of other net-based upstarts like Bones and Lil Ugly Mane and makes "collaborating with other upcoming artists" his mission.

His latest joint project features Scumbag James:

"Music has helped me meet so many people with the same ambitions in life," says Griffin, whose neon purple-tinged YouTube aesthetic has a distinct Japanese influence.

"I also want people to feel inspired when they hear my music," he tells us. With a steadily growing output of beat tapes and rap collaborations streaming via his SoundCloud, BandCamp, and YouTube channel, Broken Eclipze is a young South Florida artist to keep an eye on.

"Starting so young and already building a foundation for my self feels great," Griffin remarks on his journey so far. "All I want to do is create... I can tell the future's going to be lit."

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