ArtOfficial and Soniko at Transit This Saturday

If you missed the killer performance by local rock badsasses Soniko at Transit Lounge back in May, shame on you. After all, we told you all about it right here. And that, the CD release party for their sophomore album Antidoto Parcial, the much anticipated follow up to their 2004 debut Kombustion. The nerve! Well, if your Tia Pepita's birthday absolutely had to come first, Soniko understands. And they're going to give you another chance to catch them at Transit Lounge, tomorrow. Plus, there'll be an added bonus this time around.

Sharing the stage, and your eardrums, with Soniko's '90s-tinted brand of grinding alt-rock, ArtOfficial. This six-piece group effortlessly fuses hip hop with jazz and funk for a sound that's smoother than, well, something really, really smooth. Their unique sound comes courtesy of a live band featuring Ralf on bass, Manny on drums, Keith on sax, Danny Keys playing guess what, and emcees Logics and Newsense fronting the group.

Check out Soniko and ArtOfficial at Transit Lounge (729 SW 1 Ave) this Saturday, July 11. As always, no cover.

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Christopher Lopez