Arturo Sandoval Live at Magic City Casino, This Saturday

Arturo Sandoval's 2003 release Trumpet Evolution is perhaps the most aptly titled album he, or many others, for that matter, have ever dropped. It's not only a fitting title for what the listener finds on the record--19 lush jazz tracks that span the history of the genre--but a very accurate description for the man's musical career, as well.

Sandoval has had a prodigious career as a trumpeter and a composer, and he even released a piano album in 2002. But that and Evolution are only 2 of some 40-odd records he's produced over the course of his 34 year career. Through it all, the Cuban-born Sandoval has demonstrated awe-inspiring versatility, shifting from Afro-Cuban and danzon to bebop and ballads to classical with apparent ease, all the while demonstrating complete technical mastery. And whenever the opportunity arises to catch this jazz great live, such as this Saturday's show at Magic City Casino, it's not to be passed up.

Arturo Sandoval performs live at Magic City Casino (450 NW 37th Ave) this Saturday at 7pm. Tickets are $15-$30.

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