Ask a Goth: DJ L. Sangre's Classic Dark Tunes for World Goth Day

Who knew? Today, May 22, is World Goth Day. The first was celebrated in 2009 in the U.K., and the phenomenon has since spread its large, angsty bat wings around the globe. Thank you, internet, for making pain our pleasure.

The World Goth Day website's FAQs page asks: But don't Goths mostly tend to shy away from the limelight (or for that matter, most forms of light)? The answer involved the line: "...Owe it to yourself to shine for a day." And my Gothic friends, you do shine; your pale white flesh shines brightly even in the gloomiest of moonlit nights.

It seems necessary to celebrate this day in musical style. We thought, why don't we just ask a Goth? Though DJ L. Sangre plays mostly house, techno, electronic dance, she remains our trusty source for all things classically Gothic. She is influenced by, she says, "my dark roots," calling herself "a lover of music made by machines." We turned to this Elvira of Haus Music in our time of darkness.

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Christian Death "Burnt Offerings"

The Cure "Same Deep Water as You"

Clan of Xymox "Stranger"

Coil "The Dark Age of Love"

Sisters of Mercy "Marian" (German version)

Depeche Mode "Dressed in Black"

Bauhaus "Spy in the Cab"

Visit L.Sangre's Soundcloud and Tumblr.

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