Astari Nite Releases "Pyramids" Video at Vagabond This Friday (PHOTOS)

Miami darkwave foursome Astari Nite is back in the spotlight with their upcoming screening of the video for "Pyramids." The sexy shoot features ballerina Julie Callea Sease doing an interpretive dance to their synthy sound and Mychael Ghost's dreamy vocals. Ghost describes her as "kind of like the girl in my thoughts, the person I never got over." As she pirouettes to the tune, nearby, a party ensues. The whole shebang was shot at Wynwood's Armory Studios, and there's a lot to look at, with plenty kinky going on.

"You know it's pretty strange," Ghost relays, "when Ileana (Monet, director, Blind Beast) came to me with the skeletal frame of 'Pyramids,' it was then when I knew our music was heading toward a direction that I always wanted it to be. So making a video for this track was a metamorphosis in its own right. It was a way for us to say and accept what we are to become."

And they are evolving. Ghost says that though he was content with their sound for a bit, he's sort of letting go of that original vibe. "Our songs were based on chapters of our life, a diary if you will. I find it very calming to move forward, yet keeping some of the nostalgia," he says.

The whole band is psyched to be moving that way together. Astari Nite both wants to reach a wider audience, and grow as songwriters and musicians. "Now more than ever, we feel that the right pieces are falling into place," he says. "With the release of Stereo Waltz (LP out in January), we will continue to reinvent ourselves."

The full Astari Nite discography is available for download at their Bandcamp. These behind the scenes shots were taken by Antonio Angelo, who also shoots for Fetish Factory.

Catch the premiere of the video "Pyramids," at Hallelujah Friday, 10 p.m., on November 15, at Vagabond, 30 NE 14 St., Miami. $3 fireballs, $2 PBR tallboys, and $5 Jamesons. 21 and older are free before midnight and $5 after; 18 and older is $10. Call 305-379-0508, or visit thevagabondmiami.com.

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