Astari Nite Signs With German Label Danse Macabre

Local darkwave act Astari Nite has been plugging away at its brooding, atmospheric, Interpol-inspired sounds for more than seven years now and is finally starting to see the fruits of its labor. Last week, we received news that the local melancholic four-piece sealed a deal with German label Danse Macabre (no relation to Omaha synth troupe the Faint's album, by the way).

According to its lead singer, the charismatic Mycheal Ghost, the group first met with the German label last year at a gig in Orlando. Hands were shaken, and promises to keep in touch were exchanged. Then Astari Nite released the synth-pop, slow-burned "Pyramids," in May, which significantly impressed the label. Just days after the band released its full-length album, Stereo Waltz, in January, the label approached the band with an official offer.

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What's an international record label entail? The band's drummer, Illia Tulloch, couldn't divulge all the info because "the ink is still wet" but told us the foreign label has definite distribution plans. "This deal will open up distribution for us overseas; the label is repackaging our album Stereo Waltz for the European market with barcodes, publishing, and a promotional push."

We asked if the group has something in its sound that maybe appeals specifically to the Germans (like a new-wave David Hasselhoff or something). "Our music is very diverse; it does not cater towards one genre specifically, which is why others can relate to our songs," explained Ghost.

Tulloch attributes this opportunity to successful networking and hard work. "Well, this has definitely been a real stepping stone for us, largely from trying to stay relevant in the scene and on people's ears by consistently playing shows and staying active," he says. "We didn't lose sight that music is also a business; we try to network with our peers as much as possible and stay in touch with promoters and put in the work necessary to where business owners start to take your band seriously."

Tour plans overseas are also in the works. Fans still can catch Astari Nite locally when the band performs this Saturday at Eros Miami as part of the Miss Mausoleum Beauty Pageant and at Black Friday's three-year anniversary at Stache in Fort Lauderdale.

Download Stereo Waltz for free here.

Black Friday's three-year anniversary with Astari Nite, 10 p.m. Friday, July 18, at Stache, 109 SW Second Ave., Fort Lauderdale. Visit

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