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Astari Nite to Work with Grammy-Award Winning Producer Steve Thompson on Debut LP

With a romantic band name like Astari Nite, your ears get get the music they might expect. There are the emotional, poetic lyrics, the Peter Murphy-esque voice of Mychael Ghost, and an overall dark New Wave, '80s sound. 

Though we've been anticipating their debut full length for quite some time now, and were satiated recently by the group's single "Waves," the foursome are definitely going to crank out their debut release next Spring. They just announced a partnership with Grammy-award winning producer Steve Thompson, who's worked with the biggest names in popular music, including G'N'R, Madonna, Metallica, Wu-Tang, and Korn.
We hit up Astarti Nite's frontman, Mychael Ghost to probe a little deeper into their new collaboration. 

New Times: How'd you guys meet Steve and start working with him?

Mychael Ghost: He and I met briefly before Astari Nite performed at an event during Winter Music Conference. Shortly after we finished our set, Astari Nite and Mr. Thompson found ourselves conversing about artists whom we admired with him telling us great stories of his experience with these same people. He can be pretty engaging when he's talking about his studio work.
What do you think Steve will add to your sound?
Steve will bring years and years of experience and wisdom to our sound. He has a track record of knowing what sounds good and what works best for a particular situation. It's been very different to work with a producer, as it has really made us step up our game as well as reevaluate our approach to the music. We couldn't be any more excited to work with someone of his stature, on top of just being a great friend to us.
What can we expect from this album? 

This album will be a culmination of everything we have strived for since we wrote our first song "Beware the Angels" in '07. All of us have really worked hard on each track as a whole instead of each member concentrating on their own instrument individually, so there is a different dynamic to the new material. 

This album will also push some boundaries for us that we haven't really tried before, but that's all part of the evolving that takes place when bands seek a new sound, and we're confident that with this one we will have the support we need to make a good album. 
Is there a song you're most excited about?
Each song is a part of my life, it's a story that gets to be told with music behind it. I am truly excited about all the tracks on the album.
Is the album release party at Green Room? 
Being that the album will be released spring of '13, it is rather a bit of a ways away. However Green Room is a venue that has always allowed us to express ourselves. During our years there we met some really brilliant people, Linder, Bravo, Brando, and the rest of the boys and girls have always been so wonderful to us.

Upcoming Astari Nite Concert Dates
November 9: Green Room, 109 SW Third Ave., Fort Lauderdale 
November 10: Respectable Street Cafe, 518 Clematis Street, West Palm Beach
November 24: The Bubble, 810 NE Fourth Ave., Fort Lauderdale
November 30: Peacock Room, 1321 North Mills Ave., Orlando 

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