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Astrea Corp on Embracing Chaos

Astrea Corporation has long been lauded by New Times' music writers. And you'll get why this is once you've heard their songs and seen them live. Their fresh electronic feel is unforgettable. Layer Carly Astrea's smooth vocals over Michael Bachman's and Sander Davidson's beats, and you've got some pretty sick tunes, brotha. After taking a quick break from playing locally, Astrea Corporation will be playing tomorrow at Dada with sound engineer and music producer Shark Anthony.

When asked what they have been doing since the last time we chatted with them, siren Carly Astrea said, "We've been focused on continuing the sonics we've developed as a group. We never had the need to jump around chasing fads. Stay in the lane you've carved." Good advice. These guys always stay true to their trip-hop roots.

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Trip hop isn't the only thing Astrea Corp is committed to: All three members appreciate the tangibility of music in the forms of records. "The physical format is like an artifact," explains Carly. "How many times have you unearthed an amazing mp3 at a yard sale? The digital format is great, but the encoding leaves out frequencies that directly affect the human body." Carly also had a pretty interesting take on what the future holds, including space elevators, holographic porn, 3D printable vinyl LPs. Holographic titties? Can't wait.

We also wanted to know what was coming with the Broward trio. "There are a few projects being released in the near future. And we constantly upload new material to those following us on social media but for limited timeframes," Carly explains. "After a set amount of downloads or time, we remove them."

They'll be performing at the Delray eatery/venue Dada this weekend. We wondered it it was an appropriate venue for their type of music. Carly seemed to think so. "Dada is named after the art movement from around 1915," she said. "Dadaism rejected logic, prizing irrationality, intuition, and absurdity. It embraced chaos. What's more absurd than eating gourmet brie enhanced by experimental electronic tunes?"

Astrea Corp and Shark Anthony, Friday, Januanry 24, at Dada, 52 North Swinton Avenue, Delray Beach. Visit Facebook.

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