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Attack Attack! Leads Hardcore Lineup Coming to Revolution

The "This Is a Family Tour" is as good a refresher for the Warped Tour as any. The bill's five bands hail from Ohio, Connecticut, and California. Feisty post-hardcore Attack Attack! is best-known for popularizing "crabcore," a microgenre in which guitarists squat and hop while churning out hefty breakdowns. Connecticut's Emmure is the hardest band on the tour. Its rugged, twisted, death-metal-leaning force earns major style points for featuring Olympian/pro wrestler Kurt Angle on the cover of 2008's The Respect Issue. Once known as Before Today, Pierce the Veil produces cloying and polished pop-punk. Steinbeck enthusiasts Of Mice and Men claim a mangled yet manufactured metalcore take on "Poker Face" as their greatest YouTube conquest. In Fear and Faith comes off like a tender version of the Bled, offsetting formidable metalcore moodiness with sweeping piano portions. In short: Expect tortured screams, needlessly sweet crooning, a substantial dose of breakdowns, a couple of decent riffs, and a scattered battalion of hardcore dancers.

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Reyan Ali

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