Audio: Pre-Show Interview With Honeyboy Edwards, 94-Year-Old Blues Legend

Honeyboy Edwards in July, 2006.
Honeyboy Edwards is playing Miami Beach's Colony Theatre this Saturday fresh off winning the lifetime achievement award at this year's Grammy'.

Tigertail Productions booked the gig well in advance. Tickets are still available for $35 to $50.

Honeyboy told us, "I don't know nothing else to do but play the blues and play my guitar, so if I hang around the house I figure I won't wanna do nothing and just keel over. Ya know what I mean? So I keep a doin' what I gotta do."

Honeyboy is a protege of Big Joe Williams, and used to do shows with Mr. deal with the devil himself, Robert Johnson.

He is signed to Earwig Music, and has been since the label's inception. Label head Michael Frank used to play harmonica for Honeyboy in clubs on the Northside of Chicago in the 70's. Earwig has a full roster of blues artists available digitally. Check out their website.

Here's the audio from our interview with Honeyboy Edwards himself. He talks about touring, whiteboy blues, his picks, and the Delta in the far east.

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